Pulp Fiction - Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino made a film Pulp Fiction in 1994. It is a film from the environment gangsters. The film takes place in Los Angeles and is a copy of life of local gangsters. The film do not miss the funny messages and harsh environment of this city. Tarantino tells the story through several not gradually structured stories in what the viewer looks for the context of the story. The film intertwines several stories, several major characters. The most of stories concern the following three: Vincent Vega (John Travolta), Julles (Samuel L. Jackson), Buch (Bruce Willis). It's a bloody cynical comedy with great music. Interesting is also acting cast. Tarantino in the film included a lot of actors stars. Himself played a small role-housekeeper.

The action takes place around a pair of contract killers. Their names are Jules and Vincent Vega. They work as an enforcer of the debt for their boss. In the first story the acting bosses wife Mia. Vincent Vega gave the task to make her companion. She however overdosing. They revive the injection into her chest. In the second story we meet the boxer Butch. Buch received a bribe for losing. His opponent during a match to beat death. Marcelus Wallace bribed him. It is a local ruler of the underworld. Booth meet on the street and pulls the firefight. Both ends in the shop. Shop assistaint call police. Butch wants to start a new life with his girlfriend. Their departure is complicated due to watch his father who died in war. He wanted his girlfriend after one thing-to take watch. She forgot them. They leave the motorbike away. Butch get a motorbike from policeman Zed. The final part is coming back to Vincent and Jules. They fear the arrival of Bonnie. If Bonnie found dead in the garage without a head would be bad time. Hunny Bunny and Ringo are lovers. They first appeared at the beginning of the film. They wanted to stick up fast food. At the end of the film is to see how it happened.

Pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies. The best actors then played in this film. 

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